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If you want to avoid that last-minute holiday panic that consists of a huge pile of clothes and a long time sitting on your suitcase to force it shut, we’ve got some essential top tips on how to pack light so packing is no longer a stressful experience.

1. Cut the amount of clothes you’re planning on taking in half

This really does work, we promise. Simply place each and every item you’re thinking of taking onto your bed and edit this down by removing half of the items. Focus on what you really need and think about the items you’ve taken on holiday before and never worn (we bet there’s many!).

2. Think what and where

Consider everything you might be doing (walking? eating? swimming? exploring cities?) – then put your favourite items for these scenarios on your bed in piles of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, beauty favourites, jackets, cover-ups and swimwear. Anything that doesn’t have a specific use doesn’t need to come with you.

3. Look at your choice of colour

Choose items based on the fact they will work with lots of other items. Thinking of a colour palette makes this even simpler. This will ensure that every item works really hard and you don’t end up lugging loads of things around that you’ll never end up wearing.

4. Pack your shoes in the corners of your case

Packing shoes at the bottom of your suitcase and surrounding them with other items means you’ll reduce the amount of wasted space, creating more room for those essentials you really need.

5. Roll everything up!

Roll every item that can be rolled as this will increase the amount of space and stop your clothes creasing. If you take anything smart or tailored, turn it inside out and tuck in the sleeves and it will arrive in the best shape possible.

6. Make room for Hammamas

Make sure you pack a Hammamas towel for those cool summer evenings. They’re comfortable, versatile and pack beautifully. Adding very little to your holiday load, our Hammamas towels will multi-task like a pro. Use to double over as a mini skirt on the beach, as a cover up over a bikini en-route to the bar, turban style on your head to protect hair during serious sun bathing and, of course, conventionally around your neck to brighten up a plain top or protect shoulders from the sun whilst your enjoying lunch.

What are your top packing tips?

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