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The production story behind our Turkish cotton beach towels

As consumers, we expect companies to care about the environment; and with us, it’s no different. Our passions are what motivate us to be more environmentally conscious and act on these beliefs when choosing what products to buy.

As a business, we also have a responsibility for our impact; so we wrote this article to share the sourcing and production journey of our Turkish cotton towels with you.

Here’s the Q&A with our Hammamas Team

We source the cotton for our Hammamas bath towels from Turkey. It is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world. If you’ve read our previous blog then you’ll know why: Turkish cotton has extra long fibres (or threads) which are dense. Using longer cotton fibre also means fewer joins, which results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. 

Hammamas are made in the Denizli region of Southern Turkey. This part of the Aegean Region is well known in the textile industry and is home to one of our favourite areas – Pamukkale.

Hammamas has enjoyed a very successful relationship with its principal supplier in Turkey since its inception over 11 years ago.  Over 500,000 people are using our towels throughout Australia, the UK, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

The indigenous name for the traditional Turkish cotton towel is Peshtemal. Their origin dates back centuries. Whilst the production process has evolved over time, to this day it still has many similarities and characteristics with its past production methods. At the centre of the process remains the village cooperative structures which has become a major economic driver and forms an important part of rural Turkish life.  

Turkey is blessed with natural environmental conditions suited to growing cotton on a major scale.The use of certified non-toxic dyes also ensures Hammamas products are both of the highest quality and safe for everyone to enjoy.

Tastes, styles and colours change over time. We’ll continue to adapt to these changing trends so that we always develop products that our customers love; delivered at a price point that represent true value for money.

Since the very beginning, we’ve stood for high standards – in everything we do. Building strong relationships with our partners in Turkey, ensuring unwavering quality testing processes means that hundreds of thousands of people around the world trust us to provide really great quality products that they can enjoy for a long time.

Our Hammamas Groove range is made from left over cotton remnants – a very unique and quirky style that rounds out the Hammamas range.

Why we love conscious consumption

We’ve totally embraced the trend to buy fewer things, that are of better quality and which  match with our personal beliefs – conscious of the environmental and social impact of the things we buy.

We’ll continue to promise great products made in the best possible way, to support the changes we all want to see. You can ask us your own questions @hammamas.aus

With love and sustainable vibes from the Hammamas team x

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