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Best festivals? You got it!

Our love of festivals isn’t confined to summer, but these warmer months do make things a little more lush. And now that Christmas is over, we’re all looking to fill our diaries with fun for the rest of the summer.

If like us, you’re looking for something fresh, different or boutique then read on to find our our faves, and hear where our nearest and dearest are going to be soaking up some of the world’s best music and entertainment this festival season.

The newbie – Let Go Fest

When: 2nd February

Where:  Mornington, Victoria

Why we love it:  We love supporting people who are trying new things. This festival is one lovely day of great dance music, food, and entertainment. It’s also got added extras for free including a silent disco, Ferris wheel and amusement rides. The line-up this year is looking amazing too with favourites including Sticky Fingers, Thundamentals and the inspirational Maribelle.

What we’d pack: Fedora, denim shorts, sunnies and thongs

2018 saw the return of hats. A wide brim fedora is one of our personal favourites and looks good with…well…anything! A maxi dress and leather jacket for the cooler evenings or your treasured old denim cut downs. Yes yes, It’s probably the most commonly worn piece at festivals, but it’s popular because as we all know, it just works. Add some sunnies for style and comfort in the sun plus your best thongs and ‘ta da!’

Two final things will make your trip complete: a netted bag for all your swag and of course, your trusty Hammamas turkish cotton towel. We suggest the Essence Lite and have a MASSIVE crush on the emerald colour right now. As the name suggests it’s a lighter version of our popular diamond weave Essence home range.

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The all-rounder – Rainbow Serpent

When:  25th – 28th January

Where:  Lexton, Victoria

Why we love it: We’re told that this is one of Australia’s most popular, and independent, festivals. Even though it has a line up from over 100+ artists; it’s really no longer just a music festival anymore. Rainbow Serpent has a whole village, solar powered cinema, bazaar, temples, performances, spiritual discussions, relaxation and healing! You get the idea.

Taking its name from an important aboriginal creation figure, Rainbow Serpent festival has a mission for sustainability; so you can truly celebrate nature, community and harmony.

It’s really well set up for kids too with a family-friendly camping area set up away from the night noise (the music goes 24/7).

What we’d pack: Something in marigold

Lemon yellow took the poll position last year so we’re already prepped to stand out with a burst of marigold or a deep mango yellow. This bold colour is the perfect statement piece amongst the Rainbow Serpent vibe. And what could be the more perfect accompaniment than the Hammamas Original in Sunshine! Everyone should own one of these pure cotton beach towels. Our original range are lightly striped; and can transform from a sarong or dress to a blanket or shawl for the evening.

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Going on tour – Electric Gardens Festival

Where & when: 26th January, Sydney; 18th January, Melbourne; 19th January Perth; 27th January, Adelaide

Why we love it: the love story

Go back 20 years into 90s London. This is where Electric Gardens’ founders Damian Gelle and Anton Marmot met. Then in 2004 they launched what is now a world-famous festival: South West Four. Set on the city’s Clapham Common, it attracted the biggest DJs in the world year after year. Now back home, they’re working their musical magic in cities across Australia. Nawwww, thanks guys 💕

What we’d pack: A gypsy dress

Sway away to the electronic beats of Underworld, Erick Morillo, Eats Everything and Fatboy Slim in a gypsy maxi dress. You’ll be super comfortable all day and night. Pair it with some funky boots and a hat. Bring along your Hammamas Hip in charcoal/dove. Our square Turkish towel gives you and all your friends the room to stretch out and relax.

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Island hop – Mona Foma Festival

When:  13th – 20th January

Where:  Hobart, Tasmania

Why we love it: It’s won the Best Contemporary Music Festival in Australia THREE TIMES!

This year, the show goes on the road as it’s moved from its usual spot in Hobart to Launceston. It’s one of Tasmania’s biggest shindigs with tonnes of different events spread over three days. And apparently this year’s festival is going to be it;s most diverse yet!

You should definitely take the kids to experience it too. They can go along to events at the festival hub for free if they are under 12.

Headliners this year include Neneh Cherry, Underworld (they’re working the circuit this year!), Oneohtrix Point Never.

What we’d pack: Everything! Go all in and mix up your prints and patterns

Like this year’s festival, anything goes. So pack your best and most varied prints and patterns…and wear them together. Something from our turkish cotton towel Groove range will help top off the look. These beach towels ooooze individuality. Each piece is handmade and no one piece is exactly the same.

Like it? Find out more Visit the very psychedelic website: or check out Facebook

Take the whole gang – Byron Bay Bluesfest

When: Easter weekend 18th – 22nd April

Where: Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, just north of Byron Bay.

Why we love it: Blues and Roots? This is where it is at. Everyone, of every age, will be entertained and catered for. Big names, 200 performances, and 100 food and market stalls, it’s the epitome of Byron Bay & its culture.

This five day event has a great reputation for being safe, family friendly and fun. We hope you’ve got a ticket already!

What we’d pack: Something in animal print

Leopard, snake skin, zebra….the animal print revival is real. Although honestly, we think it will last forever. We’re reliably told that the best way to wear them is all at the same time and clash them.

Choose one of five options from our new Fiesta range to bring out the little creature in you and bring a pop of colour too.

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Go Urban – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

Where & when: 9th February, Melbourne; 3rd February, Sydney; 2nd February, Brisbane; 8th February, Adelaide; 10th February, Fremantle

Why we love it:

Ahhh this little humble festival started tucked away, deep down in a little Melbourne laneway. And even though it’s now an international touring festival, it continues to support local talent and up and coming gems, involve the local community and provide some of the best music in really unique settings. 

Of course, it now also attracts some of Australia’s finest contemporary acts and this year Courtney Barnett, Gang Of Youths, Methyl Ethel, Camp Cope, and Middle Kids will be part of the line up.

What we’d pack: The boho outfit

The go-to festival staple, a Boho outfit is most people’s favourite. Make it as unique as the festival by adding your own touches: a woven cotton shoulder bag to safely store your wallet, ID, phone and other stuff; anything that’s crochet, your flower crown and of course we can help with the final crucial item… your Hammamas turkish cotton Boho towel

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Golden Oldie – You thought we’d forgotten didn’t you?! Well last but not least: Golden Plains Festival

When: 9th – 11th March

Where:  Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, Victoria

Why we like it: Why don’t we like it?! Enter the wonderland that is Meredith. Now in it’s 13th year we’re pretty confident it’s not unlucky for this immense event. There’s only one stage so no traipsing from one to the other trying to find your best friend. It’s also probably the only festival where you can bring your own couch and there is no (that’s zero, none, nadda) commercial sponsors.

What we’d pack: all our favourite Hammamas Turkish cotton towels

Golden Plains is meant to be a haven. Camp wherever you like, bring almost everything and anything if you want. So the perfect accompaniment is blankets, rugs to make your space homely; and definitely at least one item from our Luxe range as it gets really cold at night time.

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We hope you love our Bestivals run down! We’d love to see your summer adventures on Instagram @hammamas.aus

With love and summer vibes from the Hammamas team x

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