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Hammamas Beach Towels – Built for Versatility

There’s a reason we started this business. It’s because, growing up, the perfect towel seemed like an ever-elusive concept. We spent summer days toting around damp cotton-terry cloth, full of sand or smelling like chlorine. Hanging it up didn’t quite do the trick either, as the heavy material was never dry enough before the next swim. Not to mention, it wasn’t even long lasting. You had to buy a new towel every year.

That’s why we created theHammamas Turkish Cotton Towels. We recognized the struggles of the typical beach towel and decided to create something totally different. In doing so, we recognised our own pain points and surveyed our ideal customers. That is where Turkish cotton comes in. We knew it was what our customers wanted

Let’s dive right in (figuratively, of course!) to the deets on why our customers say that Hammamas beach towels are a total must-have for summer and vacation-time fun.


The horror stories of dragging around those damp and dirty beach towels are behind us. Our fast-drying towels are ultra-absorbent, because you never know where life will take you. If you’re enjoying a day of sunning on the beach and then decide to transition to night time happy hour cocktails with the girls, no problem.

Better with age

Similar to a fine wine, our towels are better over time. Turkish cotton beach towels are made to last through many washes. You’ll feel confident bringing our towels on any vacation or even a backpacking trip that’s a little more adventurous because they are just that sturdy. Talk about a summer staple! The Turkish cotton is durable, and it will not lose its shape, color or texture in time, it will only get softer and more absorbent.


Sometimes you just want to be free as a bird when you travel, packing on a whim on a getaway that only involves a carry-on in hand. Our Turkish beach towels are perfect for that, as our loose weave allows our towels to remain fast-drying and compact for anywhere that the road takes us. Not only are they lightweight, they are also easy to pack. You can roll them up and take them anywhere without taking up too much space in your luggage.

Fashion-forward, too!

Similar to a perfectly-executed outfit, the right towel can also make a statement. Our towels are made to add some pizzazz to your time in the sun, with a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Not to mention, a price point so affordable that you can actually pick up different colors to suit your mood, without breaking the budget. 

What’s next

There is never a bad time to purchase the perfect beach towel. Check out the range available on our website and find the right towel for your needs.

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