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Why Your Hammamas Is The Perfect Travel Towel

If you are anything like us you are probably itching to get back out there and do the one thing that we have had a few issues with doing over the last few years… travel!  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone – and we couldn’t think of a better time to break out your Hammamas Turkish cotton towel, than when you are about to head off on your next adventure.  Our Turkish cotton towels are the perfect travel towel for a huge range of reasons, with an endless amount of possibilities for how it can come in handy.  Need a little refresher?  We have listed our favourite reasons that a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel is the only travel towel you will need all year round.

1. Hammamas Turkish Cotton Travel Towels Are Fast Drying

There is nothing worse than trying to pack a wet travel towel into your bag.  Not only does it mean that your travel towel is wet when you get to your next destination, but it also means that the rest of your bag contents smell damp and are possibly even wet themselves!  But with a Hammamas Turkish cotton travel towel you never have to worry about damp smelling clothes on holiday ever again.  Our travel towels are all fast drying which means that you can travel with confidence and are always ready for your next adventure, whether that is a dip in the pool, beach picnic or cliffside yoga session.

2. Hammamas Turkish Cotton Travel Towels Are Lightweight And Compact

If you are anything like us, packing can sometimes be a challenge… we might really need that extra pair of shoes – you just never know!  This is why we made sure that the Hammamas Turkish cotton travel towels are incredibly lightweight and compact, so packing your travel towel will always be a no brainer.  Because of the way they are designed and the luxurious Turkish cotton they are made from, they are incredibly easy to transport – even when your bag is already overflowing.  Purposefully designed to not take up much room, our Turkish cotton travel towels have become a carry-on bag staple, with many of our customers using them as blankets to get them through the long flights.

3. Hammamas Turkish Cotton Travel Towels Are Perfect For All Climates

Whether you are headed to a sunny holiday in a tropical destination Queensland or Greece; or perhaps heading for a cool change in Tasmania or tearing up the ski slopes in Japan, our clever little Turkish cotton travel towel has you covered.  The luxurious Turkish cotton that makes up our travel towels is incredibly versatile and means that you can use it all year round in any climate. 

4. Hammamas Turkish Cotton Travel Towels Suit Any Style

We all have a unique sense of style, and you should be able to express that in everything that you do.  So why not be able to do that with your travel towel too?  At Hammamas we don’t think you should have to compromise – which is why all of our Turkish cotton travel towels are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes.  The hardest decision you will need to make is which style to get!  But to give you a helping hand we have listed some of our personal favourite styles, to provide you with some inspiration and a place to start. 

  • Coast Range  The subtle pops of colour in the coast range are perfect for your next adventure! 
  • Fiesta Range  Get the party started with these stunning travel towels that feature fun and flirty patterns that the whole family will love! 

5. Hammamas Turkish Cotton Travel Towels Are Super Durable

There is nothing worse than getting a cheap quick fix that falls apart after it’s second use… especially when you are on holiday!  We understand this frustration, which is why we make all of our Turkish cotton travel towels from the finest cotton that money can buy.  So that you can head on your holiday confidently knowing that your travel towel is going to be there for you no matter where your next adventure takes you.

So there you have it!  Just some of the many reasons we think you should never leave on your next adventure without a Hammamas Turkish cotton travel towel.  Excited to start planning your next holiday?  Check out some of our team’s favourite uses for their travel towels while they are away here.  Happy travelling!

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