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Hammamas Goes Camping

With the April school holidays just around the corner, so many families are gearing up for a good old fashioned camping trip! Now whether that looks like a trip to the beach or the bush, up the mountains or down the coast to one of Australia’s favourite camping spots, you know that plenty of adventures and good times are sure to be had.  But while you make sure you have all the camping essentials: tent, sleeping bag, marshmallows, etc.  make sure you include a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel on the list too.  While you may know you need to pack a towel, what makes a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel so special?  Stay tuned avid campers, by the end of this article you will never head off camping without one again!

Camping Tip #1 - A Hammamas Turkish Towel is Fast Drying

Whether you are setting up camp for a few days, weeks or hours, nobody likes to repack a bag when it is wet.  Traditional towels are notorious for taking forever to dry and then leaving everything they are packed near smelling damp and dewey… which if we are being honest, nobody enjoys.  So why not invest in a fast drying Hammamas Turkish cotton towel to avoid this issue altogether?  Whether you are using your Turkish cotton towel after a quick dip in the pool, river, ocean or spa, or perhaps to quickly dry your dishes after a delicious campfire breakfast – you can rest assured knowing that your towel will be dry again by the time you need to pack the car.  Which means no damp smell and you are ready to hit the ground running at your next stop – sounds like a win win to us!

Camping Tip #2 - A Hammamas Turkish Towel is Lightweight

The other thing that is typically found with traditional beach or bath towels is that they can get quite heavy… especially once you pack one for each member of your family, possibly even two if you want a separate beach towel for swimming! But Hammamas Turkish cotton towels are lightweight and compact enough that they won’t take up huge amounts of space and are perfect for little campers to be able to carry on their own.  So you won’t break your back packing the bag for the beach trip or on the mountain hike.

Camping Tip #3 - A Hammamas Turkish Towel Works Well In Every Climate

Whether you are heading somewhere tropical or somewhere a little more mountain-esque your Hammamas Turkish cotton towel will always come in handy.  With so many uses from towel to sarong to blanket, it really doesn’t matter where you are heading it will always come in handy.  They also work perfectly as a blanket or comforter for long car trips, so you can make your transit that much more comfortable.

Camping Tip #4 - A Hammamas Turkish Towel is The Perfect Entertainment

While we are sure there is no shortage of fun activities available wherever you are headed it’s always good to have something extra up your sleeve for those lazy afternoons around the campsite… and that is exactly where your Hammamas Turkish towel comes in!  Perfect for dress ups, your littlest campers can let their imagination run wild as they entertain themselves for hours, exploring their surroundings with good old games of make believe.

Camping Tip #5 - A Hammamas Turkish Towel Adds An Element of Luxury

Whether your style of camping is a swag under the stars or a giant bell tent complete with blow up mattress, your Hammamas Turkish cotton towel will add an element of luxury no matter where or how you set up camp.  Available in a huge range of colours, using the highest quality Turkish cotton,  you are guaranteed to add a touch of personality and comfort to your camping experience.

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