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A Hammamas Towel for Every Occasion

Australians as a rule, live their life defined by water. Most Aussies live their lives around the coast and many of our leisure activities revolve around water. Water is intimately embedded through our history too as societies found themselves growing along water beds.

As Australians spend their Summers by the beach, what they take with them to entertain has evolved. We share with you today how Hammamas towels are the perfect towel, no matter your circumstances. 

Living in a country full of coastlines we know how important a beach or a body of water to chill out/cool off in is and your beach towel is no different. Hammamas can be used for drying, relaxing, makeshift blankets and even picnics. We have compiled a list of the best towels for every situation. 

Relaxing at the beach or by the pool

Australians love the beach and Australians love an outdoor pool over summer. We like spending time in the water and spending time relaxing outside the water. Hammamas towels are perfect. They come in a range of shapes and sizes. You can lay them out on the ground to stake your patch for relaxing. They are incredibly comfortable to lie on. Further, they are ultra absorbent meaning that you can quickly dry off after a swim. 

For hiking and camping

As we mentioned above, Hammamas towels can be laid out large and they are super absorbent. More importantly though, they can be packed in a compact way to make sure that they do not take up too much space in your pack. It’s important that you have a towel packed in case you come across a river or a waterfall. You might want to go for a swim or clean at the end of the day after a long hike. Your Hammamas towel will be one the most useful items in your pack.

For Picnics

These towels are 100% cotton and their sizes also gives them a number of other uses. Your Hammamas towel can also be used as a picnic blanket. You can use them to lay about on, eat on and use their absorbency to clean up a mess if you need to. These beautiful lightweight towels have so many uses.

For the busy student or professional

Hammamas Towels are perfect for the busy professional. Put one in your gym bag if you are in a rush. They’re great at the gym or great at the local pool. They are the perfect towel for students who ever need a quick change.

You can choose from a range of colours and styles when you choose a Hammamas Towel. They are crafted from super absorbent turkish cotton making them the perfect towel for every situation. We have the right towel for your lifestyle – whether you are at home, in the surf, gym or local pool. They are perfect companion.

If you are really stuck deciding on the right Hammamas towel for you, check out our lookbook. Good luck! 

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