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Surf, sand, sun… and more than just a little Back Beach breeze!

With photos due to be released later this month, we’re excited to share a sneak peek of our first Australian photoshoot in Portsea last weekend. Here’s a glimpse behind-the-scenes as we headed down to the Coast with our models Bodie, Lea and Ryan, and a few of our favourite Hammamas towels.

Australian born, Turkish made

For those of you who have wrapped-up, dried-off or laid-down with one of our  Hammamas, you’ll know that our showreel is usually created from photographs taken around Turkey – where we source and make all of our products using 100% cotton, traditional methods and local weavers (the tassels are even hand woven!).

Since Hammamas HQ is located in Melbourne we decided to head out along the Mornington Peninsula for an intimate shoot and started the day in the surf at Portsea Back beach. Ella Williams, Pro Surfer and currently ranked 29th in the World Surf League (WSL) Open Women’s Qualifying Series, is already a firm favourite of our Hammamas Clash range after riding the waves; and the guys quickly dried off with their Original Navy and Aqua Jumbo after their early morning session in the waves.

This is about as serious as the day got. Take a look at these unofficial shots of our models messing around with our photographer and each other by the beach.

Never too old for pier jumping

Embodying the Hammamas philosophy to love life, no sooner had the guys dried off, they decided to embrace their inner child and started jumping off Portsea Pier… towels included, testing out just how quickly they really do dry (it’s ok, we had lots of spares for the shoot!) and turning heads with a few locals who wanted photographs with our celebs!

Not just a pretty face

The boys proved useful in front of – and behind – the camera as turned to Production Assistant and Lighting Technician, holding the reflector in position whilst we got some shots of the beautiful Lea; and then carrying all the bags and equipment as we headed over to Back Beach for a change of scenery…and weather!

This is where things got really interesting as we were open to the unpredictable elements of the Bass Strait and a 40km/h wind which broke off part of our cars bumper bar and nearly set the surfboard into full flight through the air as Ryan held onto his prized board sitting in the boot of the car!

Plenty more sunshine left!

Don’t let this put you off spending some time along the coast with your bathers and beach towels though! We’ve done some maths for you and after a bit of Googling and head scratching, a calculator and one spreadsheet, we’ve worked out that there are four more weekends before the clocks change, plus six public holidays across Australia before the end of the month and 267 hours of daylight before the end of March. That’s more than enough time to grab your favourite beach towel, gather some friends together and stock up the Eski for your Vitamin D fix.

And in return, we promise to keep loving what we do here at Hammamas – sourcing and offering one of the largest ranges of 100% Turkish cotton towels in Australia and dispatching each order within 24 hours.


Love from the Hammamas team x



Big thanks to our friends @kollabkollection @kooshn @minipitcher @sticksandsparroweyewear and @thesnapsmith

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