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Hammamas is a brand for real people. We’re proud to sell our high-quality product around the world, and enjoy meeting the different types of people who LOVE Hammamas!

Meet Christina: Hammamas Lover, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Fanatic and Wanderluster from Swell Fit Living.

Christina halls from Breckenridge, Colorado and is best described as a yogi-athlete-wellness advocate with a healthy addiction to all things outdoors and bliss balls.

“I have been teaching Yoga for 10 years, and have had a wide range of experience with sport, massage and health coaching. I work with a wide range of people, including everyone from mums to professional athletes. I focus on helping women who want to get fit and healthy, and tailor my packages to focus on energy and peak performance for life.”

Christina is a self-confessed ‘Hammamas Lover’, who uses her Hammamas in both her work and her personal life. Travelling all over the world run Yoga and Wellness retreats, Christina knows the value of packing smart and looking after herself.

“My job takes me all around the world, and i need to be versatile. This is one of the reasons that i LOVE my Hammamas so much! It’s a do-all towel – I can use it at the beach, i can use it for my Yoga, I can wear it as a wrap, and it’s so travel friendly!”

Life is about balance, and Christina understands that to love your life, you need to love what you do. Christina takes huge pleasure in seeing other people achieve personal breakthroughs and fitness goals, she is known for her authentically caring yet light hearted, sunny energy that propels people forward effortlessly, without harsh pressure. Welcome to the Hammamas Family Chirstina, we’re happy that you love our towels as much as we do!

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