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As lovers of all colour, we here at Hammamas are forever researching and looking into those perfect shades and schemes. This week we have been looking at the ongoing popularity of the colour pink. In particular those tones more recently known as Millennial Pink,  other names being given to the various salmon, dusty pink tones are rose quartz, Tumblr pink, Scandi pink, non-gendered pink. Whatever the name is for it, it seems likely that it’s here to stay for some time yet and this makes us happy!

It seems to have been popular for quite a few years now. Around 2012 that the colour pink really started to make itself know on the scene. Brands like Acne and Apple using it for packaging and key products. You couldn’t miss it over on the social media platform Tumblr in the form of ice creams, walls, glitter, cherry blossoms. It gained popularity as a colour of choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, teamed with house plants the look is still fresh and relaxing.

One of the great things about the popularity seems to be that it is appealing to both women and men, a more sophisiticated version of that baby pink so many women where bought up to love or perhaps persuaded to love.

It was officially crowned when Pantone announced the shade (and also a blue) as colour of the year in 2016. Made more popular by the extremely Instagrammable Sketch pink palour room in London and Wes Anderson’s  hit film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Top left, A whole instagram account dedicated to green plants on pink backgrounds! @PlantsOnPink
Head to toe pink fashion –

Bottom left, Acne‘s wonderful pink branding.

Bottom right, that wonderful Pink Parlour Room at @sketchlondon

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