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Everything You Need to Know About Turkish Towels

When you hear the name Hammamas we want you to hear Luxury. That’s why we only import the very best luxury and high-quality towels from Turkey. Turkish towels, also known as peshtemals, foutas are a uniquely light, soft, thin, and super-absorbent type of towel and are much more than just a towel to wipe away moisture. 

Available in an impressive variety of sizes and designs, ranging from oversized beach blankets and rectangular hand towels to long jacquard styles, the intricate weaves on these towels add vibrancy and a unique eye-catching look to any bathroom, spa, or beach setting. Hammamas Turkish towels are a lightweight construction and have a great absorbing power which makes them perfect for camping and hiking expeditions and they are sure to keep you warm and dry in almost any outdoor environment.

Offering a luxurious alternative to traditional bath towels, Hammamas Turkish towels are light, versatile, large, and quick-drying when compared to simple cotton bath towels. Turkish towels are traditionally woven on looms in Turkey with 100 percent Turkish cotton and many experts consider Turkish towels to be the first kind of towels ever made, so you can be sure you are buying into a design that has stood the test of time. 

At Hammama’s we ensure that our designs are unique and unparalleled. As an added bonus all of our towels are made from either organic Turkish cotton or organic bamboo fiber, both of which ensure that the towels remain lightweight, soft and breathable even with multiple uses and washings.

In conclusion, Hammamas Turkish towels are a valuable and economical asset for any household, both for their practicality and luxury appeal. The multifunctional design, lightweight construction, and fast-drying properties make them an essential item for any trip and they are sure to add a unique and luxurious touch to any bathroom, kitchen, or beach outing.

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