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A Turkish Cotton Towel For Every Mum!

Is there really anything that our mothers can’t do?  They are always there for us when we need them, and if we are being really honest we would definitely be lost without them.  So when Mother’s Day rolls around it’s no surprise that we want to spoil them like the Queens they truly are.  There is just one teeny tiny detail that makes this somewhat of a challenge… finding the perfect gift of course! 

After all, how do we find a gift that says thank you for absolutely everything that they do?  Well here at Hammamas we have thought long and hard about this universal problem and have come up with the perfect gift solution… a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel of course!  With so many uses and a HUGE range of designs and colours available there is guaranteed to be a style that suits every Mum.  Not sure where to start?  No problem, we have listed some of our personal favourites to inspire you and find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Mum this year.

For The Adventurous Mum

Whether your Mum is trekking up a mountain side, going deep sea exploring or riding a camel across the desert, a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel will always come in handy to the avid adventurers.  Lightweight and compact, your Mum will easily be able to grab her Hammamas towel before running out the door for her next adventure. 

Turkish Cotton Towels To Try:

  • Hammamas Calypso Mento: Featuring vibrant emerald green tones, this Hammamas towel transports you to a tropical location simply by looking at it!   
  • Hammamas Coast Cornflower/Sky/Orange: Hammamas coast brings a fresh vibe to Summer.  Designed with 2 different colour stripes and one clash stripe to add a little something extra to this unique style.
  • Hammamas Classic Navy: Our Hammamas Classic range is all about the freshness of the summer and the sea. This towel combines a beautiful fishbone weave with timeless classic colours.

For The Spiritual Mum

Whether your Mum likes to embrace her spiritual side through a morning yoga flow, a beachside meditation session or laying in the park with an enlightening read, a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel will be her perfect wellness accessory.  Soft and easy to carry, a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel is the perfect yoga mat or picnic blanket to help her indulge in a few spiritual moments.

Turkish Cotton Towels To Try:


  • Hammamas Aztec Sunshine: Add a little ray of sunshine to your Mum’s day each time she reaches for her Hammamas towel.  This colour pallet is perfect for matching your Mother’s sunny personality. 
  • Hammamas Aztec Pink: With a vibrant pink aztec pattern you are sure to put a smile on your Mum’s face with this beautifully designed Turkish cotton towel.
  • Hammamas Aztec Blue: Nothing says cool and calm like the beautiful blue tones of the Hammamas Aztec Blue towel.

For The Homebody Mum

Sometimes all your Mum needs is a good old fashioned self care day in the comfort of her own home.  And after all, why not?  Your Mum’s home is probably the cosiest and comfiest place you know.  So why not help set the scene and get her in the mood for a snuggly day on the couch thanks to an incredibly soft and cuddly Hammamas Turkish cotton towel!

Turkish Cotton Towels to Try:

  • Hammamas Home Navy: A beautiful ‘All Seasons’ edition to the Hammamas range.  Hammamas Home features four sided tassels, a multi layered jacquard weave blanket offering extra comfort and feel. 
  • Hammamas Luxe Ebony: Weaved on old looms from pure Aegean cotton, with hand tied tassels, it looks and feels as authentic as it really is.  Hammamas Luxe is a supersized version of our Essence weave. The weave has such wide appeal we’ve created a larger version perfect for your lounge room or bedroom.
  • Hammamas Ripple Candy/White: Or if a splash of colour is more your Mum’s thing than we have just the thing!  Hammamas Ripple is a finer stripe towel with a fun and fresh pink and white colour combination inspired by the Mediterranean and Agean Seas.

For The Active Mum

Whether your Mum prefers hitting the local running track for a brisk walk or jog, taking a pilates class or hitting the gym, a Hammamas Turkish cotton towel is the perfect accessory for any active activities.  Super absorbent and soft it works perfectly as a sweat towel or fitness mat so that your Mum can be ready to jump into her next fitness class at a moment’s notice!

Turkish Cotton Towels to Try:

  • Hammamas Reef Denim/Watermelon: Bright and vibrant this Hammamas towel has a distinct look of glamour.  So your Mum can feel glamorous even when she is working up a sweat. 
  • Hammamas Reef Spearmint/Azure: The bold and slim stripes with great colour combinations will make a real statement at the gym, pilates studio or wherever your active Mum goes next.
  • Hammamas Reef Aqua/Daisy: The incredibly soft texture and bright colours of this towel are sure to brighten your Mum’s day and make her next workout even better.  Endorphins and style?  Sounds like a win win to us!

However you choose to spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day we know that she is sure to feel very special, especially with all these wonderful Hammamas Turkish cotton towel gift ideas!  Looking for more colour and pattern choices to suit your Mum’s individual style and taste?  No problem!  Shop the full range of Hammamas Turkish cotton towels here.

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