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As we head into the school break at the end of this month you might be contemplating a last minute holiday to either escape or embrace the Aussie winter. With two adults, two children, four suitcases and a limit of 40 kilos – the luggage challenge is on for the average family mini-break. But do not fear. We asked some of our nearest and dearest and put together our top tips for packing light for your next short break. Read this and make your family holiday prep easy peasy. 

1.The best things come in 3s

Three pairs of socks. Three pairs of underwear. Three t-shirts. You get the idea.

Why three? One to wear, one to wash and one drying. Unless you are going to the middle of woop woop, you will be able to wash clothes (or worst case scenario, buy some new ones!)

Multi-functioning clothes are the key – maybe you wear your daytime t-shirt that night for bed so you don’t need to take PJs at all. Choose light, quick-dry cotton-poly blends in complementary colours that handle wrinkles well.

The exception to this rule? Only take two pairs of shoes (and that includes the one you’re wearing).

2.Roll, don’t fold

Apparently the army does it this way! And kids will love it.

Rolling minimises wrinkles and reduces the amount of air taking up space between layers of fabric when you squeeze the items into your case, making your suitcase or bag into a Tardis.

If you roll socks, underwear and other small items tightly, you can shove them into your (one pair of) shoes and save even more space. You’re welcome 😉

But beware of going over the weight limit once you’ve got this technique down.

3. Use packing cubes

Never heard of them? No neither had we. Well check them out for your next holiday

Why are they good? They help us stay organised! (Ahum…apparently). There’s no one rule for how to use them. You might pack based on item: underwear and socks in one cube, shirts in one, and bottoms in the other. Or maybe pack by category: daytime, evening, beach etc. Then as your holiday progresses, you can use them to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones.

If you really commit to this tip then you can buy different colour packing cube sets for each family member of type of clothes!

4. Downsize

No toys (ok fewer toys than usual).

Because you’re going somewhere new, there is brand new exciting stuff to see everywhere. The most unexpected things become interesting and there is so much for the little ones to take in.

Bring a new toy especially for the flight to keep the kids interested for hours.

5. Beg, borrow and steal

Well ok, just rent. You can rent pushchairs and other things like that from most destinations so don’t bother struggling with those on the plane.

6. Wear all the biggest and heaviest stuff

It may be 40 degrees but that shouldn’t stop you getting your Michelin Man on in order to save a few more kilos in your case. Wear the largest pair of shoes, coats, jumpers…you know the drill.

7. No more wheelie suitcases

What? Abandon the greatest travel invention since sliced bread?

There are two problems with wheels:

1 – Like a supermarket trolly, you are lulled into a false sense of security and don’t realise how heavy the case is becoming.

2 – The wheels steal valuable space from you. Use a backpack and get an extra few centimetres.

A backpack is also an advantage where footpaths are non-existent, streets are cobbled and there are lots of stairs.

If you just can’t leave your trusty wheelie behind then at least put heavier items at the bottom, it’s easier to roll when the weight is down there.

8. You don’t need that. Or that. Or that either

This is your new packing mantra. You can never be prepared for every eventuality. The ‘just in case’ game will only lead yo

u to trouble. On the off-chance you find you do need whatever it is that you left behind, you can most likely buy it.

9. Pack a Turkish cotton towel

This should, of course, be a priority item. It’s a towel, a sarong, changing room, it’s a blanket, it’s a privacy wall, it’s a bag, it’s a sunshade, it’s quite possibly the most versatile thing that you will pack. Oh, it’s also a skirt, a buff, a super-lightweight  scarf and bandanna.

Didn’t quite manage to pack the perfect suitcase afterall? If you don’t quite manage to go super light this time, book another holiday to hone your skills.


With love and light packing vibes from the Hammamas team x

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