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All things Hammamas

So you’ve picked out your perfect Hammamas beach towel(s), have planned your trip to [insert your choice of fabulous beachside location here!] and have your car packed and ready to go. But are you making the most of your adventure…and your towel?! Read on and let us know how many more ways you use your Hammamas Turkish cotton towels by sharing your stories with us on Instagram (@hammamas.aus)

At the beach

It’s obvious you’d take your Hammamas Turkish cotton towel with you to the beach but do you know all the different ways you can use it when you’re there?! 

Weighing just about 300 grams, these versatile, lightweight accessories make a great cover up after you’ve played frisby in the water. They’re also great as a sarong, dress or head wrap; or collect up the corners, sling it over your shoulder and….ta da…you’ve made it into a bag for carrying supplies for lunch.

If you’re bringing more than one (which we highly recommend) find some driftwood and create a makeshift sun shade or umbrella to keep the rays at bay with your other Hammamas.

Go matchy matchy with your towel and bathers. An easy way to do this is to choose something from the bold range, which pairs key colours from popular ranges, making it easy to mix and match!

Around your home

When you’re at the beach

Don’t hide these beauties away in the cupboard when you’re not using them for your outdoor adventures. Hammamas make great shawls and scarves for those cooler days and chilly evenings. Have a look at our Boho range

A snuggly jumbo or luxe are ideal as a blanket, bed runner or throw on your bed or chair; or sofa siesta blanket and you can update your style regularly simply by switching them around or buying a new one. Choose one in a particular shade, tone or colour and complement a party theme by using it as a tablecloth on special occasions.

Folded, hung, draped…Hammamas don’t only need to dry you at the beach; you can use it as your everyday bath towel too. Hang up or fold different colour towels together to add some fun to a neutral bathroom. Oh and of course – use it as a beach towel! Not only are they super absorbent but they’re also the perfect towel  for laying down on when you’re catching some rays! 

Everyday sporting fun

Kids will love their Hammamas too. They’re nice and compact so will fit easily into a school or sports bag. Take them to soccer training, swimming lessons, gymnastics…the list is endless. They dry out really quickly which means you can avoid smelly sports bags. And for other types of play – let the children pin several together and make an indoor cubby house.                                                            

Our mums think they are amazing for the babies as well because they make the most perfect nappy bag addition. They can be used as a baby wrap or change mat; and then take one along to the gym, yoga or surf session and use it as a cover-up afterwards when you’re relaxing. 

What about the round or square ones?!

Our large range includes Circa and Hip Turkish towels that work well for sharing as a beach towel with the children or a giant picnic blanket. They are light to carry and you don’t have to worry if something gets spilled as they are easy to wash. 

When you’re at the beach

Thin and lightweight – the Unicorn of all towels, we love mixing it up and using them at the beach and then as a throw blanket. And the great news is that the type of cotton thread that they are made from means that the more you use and wash them, the softer they become!

Share the love by buying a set of Hammamas towels for a wedding or housewarming gift – some everyday luxe for your best friends too!

With love from the Hammamas team x

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