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The festive season is over and February has begun. It’s the perfect time to re-focus those New Years resolutions, and get fit, healthy and active. Hammamas are the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle, here’s why:


A standard sized Hammamas rolls up to fit into your hand. Whilst ‘gym towels’ are small and light, they are NOT ideal for drying off after a shower, or laying out as a yoga mat – Hammamas however, are perfect for this. Our Hammamas are compact enough to throw in a backpack, gym bag or in the front of a Kayak, without taking up precious room or adding weight.

Fast Drying & Super Absorbent

Forget lugging around water-logged towels! Our Hammamas are fast drying and super absorbent. Perfect for the pool, beach or even to get rid of the sweat during an intense workout, these towels can be thrown in the washing machine and dry in the sun in minutes.

Keep it cool

The lightweight nature of Hammamas means that they are perfect to help keep you cool. Dunk in water and wrap around yourself for a refreshing cool-down – without added weight and bulkiness.

Multi purpose

Like a bit of Yoga on the beach? Or going for a workout at the gym? Or going to the pool? Whatever health and wellness regimes you prefer, Hammamas can work for you. As a yoga mat, gym towel or even as a picnic blanket on a hike, our Hammamas are versatile, practical, and of course, look stunning.

Live life to the fullest and make February the month for outdoor activities, keeping those New Years resolutions going, and reaching those fitness goals. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for fitness tips, tricks, and to WIN your own Hammamas.

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