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Head Back to School with Hammamas

There is an eerie quiet that has descended over the last week which can only mean one thing… school is back! While parents rejoice everywhere there are plenty of new things that we need to think about in our daily lives.  From school lunches and homework, to uniforms and extra curricular activities there can be a lot going on in your already hectic life.  So why not let Hammamas take care of one thing for you?

No matter what your child’s school schedule looks like, there are countless ways that you can put your child’s Hammamas Turkish towel to good use.  From after school sports to school camps and weekend sleepovers, the possibilities really are endless.  Need a little inspiration?  We have listed our favourite ways to get the kids ready for school with Hammamas below.

After School Activities

Whether your child is running around the soccer fields training to be an expert goal kicker, dancing gracefully across the stage executing the perfect pirouette or diving into the nearest pool racing rings around the fastest swimmers of their age group; a Hammamas Turkish towel will always come in handy.  The lightweight material of these turkish towels is easy for any child to carry around, and the multitude of uses makes it extremely handy as a towel, mat to sit on, blanket or accessory. 

School Camp Essentials

Heading off on school camp is an exciting and nerve racking time for parents and children alike.  Whether your child is a first time camper or a seasoned pro, a Hammamas Turkish towel should be the first thing on your little campers to pack list.  Not only are Hammamas Turkish towels incredibly compact, meaning they won’t take up too much space, but they are also incredibly fast drying.  This means your child can use it for bathtime, swimming trips, kayaking and all water activities in between and not have to worry about packing a wet towel back into their suitcase.  Which means that your child won’t come home with a bag full of wet, damp smelling clothes… sounds like a win win to us!

Sleepover Staple

Having a sleepover with your best friend is a right of passage and something that is highly looked forward to!  However your child and their friend chooses to spend their time together, having a Hammamas Turkish towel handy is always a good idea.  Perfect as a rug to sit on, a towel for beach or pool adventures, a comfy blanket for movie marathons, dress ups for imagination play or the roof of a perfectly executed pillow fort.  The options for use of your child’s Hammamas Turkish towel are only limited by their imagination.

Swimming Carnival Necessity

Swimming carnivals are incredibly exciting and a great time to band together and boost some school spirit.  It is also the perfect time to break out your child’s Hammamas Turkish towel.  Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, your child can pick a Hammamas Turkish towel that matches their school house and perfectly fits their personality and individual style.  We know they are sure to be super excited to show their towel off to all of their friends and be the envy of the school carnival.

With so many children heading back to school this month, it is important to prepare them as much as we can to make the transition as smooth and stress free as possible.  By equipping them with a Hammamas Turkish towel, they can head out on all the adventures that come to pass throughout the school year with confidence.  Knowing that they will always have access to a handy accessory that will help them through just about any situation the school year may throw at them.

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