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Here, we’re just going to say it. Bath towels, they’re more than just a functional get-you-dry-quickly-after-a-shower “thing” in your house. They also make a statement about, not only your bathroom, but your entire home.

Our interior design friends are using them to dress their interiors, our children are using them to make cubbies and our mums use as a shawl to cover their shoulders on those chillier evenings.

‘Rugs as wall art’ is a big trend for 2018 so why not bath towels as throws? It’s time to see your bath towels in a different light and use them as functional statement pieces across your home this winter.

The science behind great cotton

Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world. Our Hamma bath towels are as absorbent as traditional bath towels but take up less room and dry quickly. And here’s the science behind it all: Turkish bath towels are made from premium cotton, using extra long fibres (or threads) which are dense. Using longer cotton fibre also means fewer joins, which reslts in stronger and smoother cotton threads.

If you’ve tried one of our Hammamas Classic thicker towels you’ll understand why they are ideal for the bathroom As you’d expect, they’re still 100% cotton and have fast drying elements. You can buy them in our ClassicChevron and Aztec ranges.

Seek inspiration…. everywhere

You don’t have to have been to Turkey to appreciate a good quality Turkish bath towel. Nor does design inspiration only have to come from a single place. Maybe you want to recreate that feeling you had in a luxury hotel or soothing spa and transform your ‘real-life, everyday bathroom’ into an experience every time you walk in without an enormous price tag.

We know we wowed you with the science but bath towels are so much more than just functional as they also make a statement about your bathroom. Your favourite celeb’s latest outfit, wallpaper design or oldest (but most adored) winter knit might be the thing you base your bathroom design off.

Dress up your bathroom

You don’t have to be tired of your bathroom in order to jazz it up a little. And there are loads of ways you can create a new look easily. A towel rail is the natural home to hang your luxurious bath towels. If there is a lot of extra bench space, you can also try placing a neatly folded pile of two to three matching towels on the vanity or side of the bath for extra luxury. Or put them inside mesh gold baskets, wicker boxes, hanging lazily off a hook or peeking out of your drawers for that more relaxed look.

Any bathroom can be instantly transformed by adding beautiful, clean, soft, cotton towels. Keep a range of different styles, colours and patterns to refresh your bathrooms at a moments notice to impress your friends or lift your mood.

And don’t forget about colour

If you read our colour blog, you’ll know that colour blocking is, well, kind of a big deal at the moment. Add a touch of fun to your bathroom by including a splash (or dollop!) of bold colour with funky, brightly coloured Hammamas Original towels.

But let’s face it, there really are no rules so why not buy your bathroom towels in multiple colours and mix it up with ice-cream pastels, indigo blues and super zingy colour pops which are all on trend for 2018.

If a single colour is more your thing then use patterns which can add depth and are an effective way to bring together an interior scheme. Patterns work because the repetitiveness of them creates an energy in the room through a sense of movement.

Beyond the bathroom

Our Hammamas bathroom towels are super versatile when it comes to your body. Use them in the bathroom, at the beach as a sarong or even a scarf. But you can also use them around the home in the lounge room and bedrooms too, on the deck or balcony or cover your legs whilst relaxing on your deck. Luxe Hammamas make great bed throws and our hand woven tassels will match the current trend for fringing, tufting, tassels.

By switching your towel collection around you can create a new feeling in the space and constantly evolve the look and feel of your home.

Top tips for an amazing winter home

  1. Buy some pieces from our Hammamas Classic range for the bathroom and our luxe range for use throughout your home
  2. Add your own unique touch with different shapes: in our very own circahip and jumbo. There’s a style for everyone. Colour block to match the season for maximum effect with touches of gold or a pop of indigo to add some luxury into the scheme.

And in case you didn’t know, we hold the largest range of Turkish cotton travel towels so there’s plenty to choose from!

With love from the Hammamas team x

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