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Enjoy that summer feeling just a little bit longer

For those of you who are ‘Game of Thrones’ lovers you’ll be used to the phase: “Winter is coming”. But fear not Australia. The clocks are changing but our summer state of mind isn’t!

The clocks are only changing in three out of six states this weekend and there are still plenty of hours of sunshine left in our April Spring days. Plus we are reliably informed (thank you BOM) that temperatures will average out at 26 degrees across the country.

So read on to find out how to channel your inner beach babe and enjoy that summertime state of mind.

New pictures, lots of fun, and still plenty of sun

If you read our last post, you’ll see that we’ve recently spent time in the surf on the Mornington Peninsula. The Hammamas team have picked out the best shots from the day out and we’ve started to share them on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

But here at Hammamas, summer isn’t just about the three months between December and February; it’s an all year round way of thinking. “Challenge the norms” is an ethos we live by so whether your adventures take you on a physical challenge surfing or hiking; or are inspired by something more serene, pack up your summer spirit, cotton beach towel and car and head off to explore what Autumn has in store for you.

Enjoy that summer feeling whatever the weather

Aside from rainbows, Unicorns and Ryan Reynolds, a new survey reveals that it’s the simple things — like the sensation of the warm sun on our faces — that really make us feel fabulous; with it ranking second amongst a list of other feel-good experiences including random acts of kindness, laughing-so-much-it-hurts and finding money in unexpected places!

We’re all about channeling that inner sunny spirit and having a good time in what we do. Laughter is our natural exercise regime and we make sure we do a lot of it. A good giggle releases lots of hormones and other good stuff to make you feel…well…good and give you a mood boost in those cooler months.

Our second ingredient for a sunny spirit is colour – and plenty of it. Our customers are loving the freshness of our Reef Spearmint Azure Turkish beach towel and the Original Daisy  beach towel right now and we have a range of fresh, bold, neutral and classic colours to choose from to match your mood and lifestyle.

How to put your extra hour to good use

As the saying goes and in case you’re confused about which direction the clocks will change in, it’s: Spring forward. Fall back. You gain one whole hour this weekend (you’re welcome). Here are the Hammamas’ team’s top picks of ways to spend it:

  1. Sleep in – reward yourself with some extra rest on Sunday morning and leave the alarm switched off
  2. Book a holiday – migrate North to warmer climates  and have a new adventure with your bestie (and don’t forget to pack your Hammamas beach towel)
  3. Practice some yoga – pilates or a meditation session are also allowed
  4. Add to your bucket list – you know all those things you wanted to do…one day?! Get to it!
  5. Write a letter to a friend – bring a smile to someone’s face with old fashioned pen and paper. It’s charming.

Explore. Whatever the weather

We love what we do and are inspired by colour, adventure and fun, rarely letting the weather or anything else stop us.

If it is sunshine that you seek, our suggestion is to hit up the river, the lake or the ocean  for some well earned rest. Wherever you are, treat yourself to a Hammamas Jumbo cotton beach towel and it’ll be the perfect soft blanket to wrap up with on the cooler Autumn evenings.

And when you do hit the road, add this to your playlist: SWEDUM – Summer State of Mind.

With love and summer vibes from the Hammamas team x

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